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GREEN SUPREME with Barley Power 

An excellent food supplement providing nature’s most complete concentration of natural nutrition useful for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, containing a broad spectrum of VITAMINS, MINERALS, ENZYMES, AMINO ACIDS, FIBER, BETA-CAROTENE, AND CHLOROPHYLL to help the body operate at peak efficiency, maintain good health, and eliminate toxins.

Available in Tablet or Capsule Form

GREEN SUPREME™ Beta 1, 3-D Glucan-

Our Beta-1,3-D Glucan is derived from the cell walls of bakers’ yeast (not cereal or mushroom based).

 SUGGESTED SERVING: One (1) 500mg capsule per day, on an empty stomach with water 30 minutes before eating or drinking.

400 Tablet Bottle $29.99

300 V-Caps Bottle  $31.99 

Per Bottle  Price:  $49.99

60 Tablet Bottle 

Regular Price $59.95

GREEN SUPREME™ plus Cayenne

A fantastic food supplement of our famous barley leaves along with 400 mg of the herb Cayenne.

GREEN SUPREME™ with Chromium PicolinateTM

A dietary supplement that may help to suppress cravings for sweets. Chromium is a trace mineral that is important for our health.


400 Tablet Bottle  $29.99

300 Tablet Bottle  $29.99



Black Seed Softgels

Black Seed Softgels from North American Herb & Spice.
These seeds are loaded with health benefits. Works with the barley grass to boost the immune system and maintain overall body health.

CAPSOL-T is a product consisting of decaffeinated green tea concentrate and a food grade Capsicum powder combined in a 350 mg capsule. This is the equivalent of drinking 16 cups of green tea but without the liquid and without the caffeine. The combination has been proven effective against abnormal cell growth.



90 Soft Gel Bottle 

Regular Price $30.00


180 Veggie Caps  $150.00


Cardio 911

A Nutritional All Natural Dietary Supplement

One serving contains 5000 mg L-Arginine to support Blood Pressure levels and improve overall immune systems


Hydrion pH 15 Foot Roll

Hydrion pH 15 Foot Roll with Chart and Dispenser from Micro Essential Laboratories

5.5 – 8.0 Range

Will work with saliva or urine



Cardio 911 powder = 30 servings in the container  $32.00

15 Foot Roll  $9.50


GREEN SUPREME with Barley Power 

6 Bottle Pack- Green Supreme 400 Tablet Bottles

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6 Bottle Pack - 400 Tablet Bottles - $134.00