Barley Power

A Fond Farewell!

A fond farewell to Cindy! Our office manager of ten years officially had her last day today, passing the torch off to Danielle. We will all miss her dearly, but hope she enjoys her retirement.

Peak Behind the Curtain

Ever wondered how the barley was dried? Wonder no more! Below are pictures of the actual product laid out to dry. As you can see, we don't use extreme heat or extreme cold to dry our barley. Just a couple of fans and the power of the sun. Barley drying in one of our drying rooms. Nothing but the best ...

Extending Hours

Exciting news from the office of Green Supreme - as some of you may know, we've had limited hours recently due to the pandemic and us doing our part to limit exposure for our employees. But to better accommodate other time zones, we're extending our hours as of the 1st of September. No longer will the office close at 12:30 ...