Both versions of this product may help with the respatory system & immune health.

OregoRESP Capsules:

Serving Size: One Capsule twice a day
Servings per Container: 30

Propritary Blend 450 mg

  • Wild, high-mountain, organic oregano herb
  • Wild, high-mountain, organic oregano oil powder
  • Mountain-grown cumin oil extract powder
  • Cinnamon oil powder
  • Ginger herb powder

Other ingredients; pullalan, non-GMO oat fiber, silica mineral.

Contains no animal products

OregoRESP Liquid:

Serving Size: 6 drops
Servings per contain: 183

  • Proprietary blend in extra virgin olive oil 225 mg
  • Wild Oregano Oil p73
  • Cinnamon bar oil
  • Cumin oil
  • Wild sage oil



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