Both versions of this product may help with the respatory system & immune health.

OregoRESP Capsules:

Serving Size: One Capsule twice a day
Servings per Container: 30

Propritary Blend 450 mg

  • Wild, high-mountain, organic oregano herb
  • Wild, high-mountain, organic oregano oil powder
  • Mountain-grown cumin oil extract powder
  • Cinnamon oil powder
  • Ginger herb powder

Other ingredients; pullalan, non-GMO oat fiber, silica mineral.

Contains no animal products

OregoRESP Liquid:

Serving Size: 6 drops
Servings per contain: 183

  • Proprietary blend in extra virgin olive oil 225 mg
  • Wild Oregano Oil p73
  • Cinnamon bar oil
  • Cumin oil
  • Wild sage oil





Did someone say COVID

North American Herb & Spice product

OregaRESP – multiple spice extract

This is a great product for immune support as well as supports a healthy respiratory system.

30 capsules per bottle

Take 1 capsule twice a daily. Increase as needed.

OregaRESP is the only multiple spice extract made with handpicked spices from remote mountain regions.


Propietary blend

P73 wild oregano

wild, high mountain, organic oregano herb

wild, high mountain, organic oregano oil powder

high mountain sage oil powder

mountain grown cumin

cinnamon oil powder

ginger herb powder

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